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'The happiest day of her life was when she erected the monument and left the evilt own for good...', etching by Victoria Salzman

Victoria Salzman grew up in New York City. She studied painting and etching at The New School for Social Research, Massachusetts College of Art and Queens College. She worked for many years at The National Academy of Design and recently returned to Bob Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop. Victoria has been a member of the prestigious Blue Mountain Gallery since the year 2000. She has had many shows in New York and throughout the United States as well as receiving numerous grants and awards in printmaking. Her work has travelled to Sweden, Australia and Peru. Her etchings are part of the permanent Collections of The Brooklyn Museum, The New York Public Library, The Library of Princeton University and Robert Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop. She has had reviews in The New York Times, The Anchorage Times, The Anchorage Daily News, The Minnesota Independent, The Journal of the Print World, The Riverdale Press and Artzine Magazine.

 “Victoria Salzman takes delight in making multi-image prints that overlapfggg into ongoing visual themes that are both inspired and ludicrous. Her expertise with the etching process is clearly evident as her prints have a graphic richness set off by an extremely personal sense of line. She is a master at interweaving visual imagination and literary invention.”—Robert Sievert in Artezine Magazine

“Ms. Salzman has the reserves of bile needed for successful satire. This is particularly clear in the black and white etchings, like the one of milling nudes and skeletons…” —Vivian Raynor, The New York Times.

2014 Adelante Gallery, NYC, NY
2013 Fulton Street Gallery Troy, NY
2010 Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC, NY
2008 The New York State Psychiatric Institute, NYC, NY

2005 Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC, NY
2002 Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC, NY
1999 Morning Calm Gallery, NYC, NY
1994 Morning Calm Gallery, NYC, NY
1992 Morning Calm Gallery, NYC, NY
1985 The Vortex Theater, NYC, NY



'After some time she came to realize that her heritage as an Armadillo had helped her to cope with the tragedy', etching by Victoria Salzman



Recently I came to realize that I would do anything to continue working.  I could lose my home, fight to save my health and still never give up my dream to make art…specifically, to make prints. I have changed from zinc to copper, nitric to ferric, fought to buy a press and survived extreme loneliness to keep on working.  I love the smell of the ink and the feel of the press, the cold plate in my hand.  It is in my soul.  Every plate to me is like the first time.  There is nothing else like it.