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'Blue Spot' painting by Tomek Bogacki

Tomek Bogacki was born on April 1st 1950 in Konin, Poland. He obtained a fine arts diploma from the Academy of Art in Warsaw,Poland in 1974.

Not interested in getting involved in the politics of art business of that time establishment, he chose to work in his small secluded estate deep in the forests of the Mazury region of Poland. For over two decades his work was known exclusively through the word of mouth, and shown only in his estate studio to the private collectors. It’s distinct style—organic, poetic, and crafted with a precision of a musical suite, has won him a wide-spread interest. 

While being active as a painter, he became involved in a variety of other artistic pursuits. His growing interest in graphic design resulted in numerous poster designs, and book covers. Through his work with Polish Television, he gained recognition for his animated film projects. He also designed stage sets for theater and television.

His interest in children’s book illustration goes back to 1973 when his first book was published. Since then he has illustrated over fifty books for publishers all over the world. 

When he moved to the United States at the dawn of the new millennium, he separated himself from the established connections in Europe and Japan, and concentrated on preparing a body of work that this time he is choosing to show to the wider audience.

His works are in the private collection all around the world: Tielt, Belgium, Karslunde, Denmark, London, England, Paris, Aix-en-Provance, France, Stuttgart, Germany, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Sarmede, Siena, Italy, Tokyo, Itabashi, Japan, Seoul, Korea, Warsaw, Poland, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, Zürich, Switzerland 




Tomek Bogacki, artist and illustrator.



For me painting is as natural and organic as breathing. It is a way of expressing  myself, communicating with myself and others. It is also a way of talking about my experiences. It can be an abstract, a face or a landscape.

The space in my paintings is a reflection of my inner space. As I work on each painting I go through a process of discovering feelings, thoughts and images residing within me. 

Inspiration to start painting can be anything what catches my attention. It can be something I saw, it can be a thought, a feeling, a memory.

In the Buddha Faces I portray silence. These faces are an expression of peace and harmony. Inspiration for these paintings comes from looking at the faces of people on the streets or in a subway, from meditation practice and everyday experiences as well as the desire for more inner peace for all.