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No title, painting by Tami Uyama

Art is what I cannot live without for me. Because art makes me grow and tells me the truth.

Through the process of making a painting as art, I believe that I’ve made myself. When I start to draw a painting and face a painting, the painting never allows me to escape from the truth that I draw a painting even in difficult times.

By drawing a painting, I saw myself and faced myself, and I was taught gaining an insight into life and the truth that there was. I haven’t gotten away from the thing which I thought it was truth and the thing that there was. I’ve accepted it and faced it and I’ve repeatedly thought about and been distressed at the true meaning of living.

I face up to the thing in front of me and I draw what I feel. At that time, I deeply feel a sense of fulfillment of live and repeat a pleasure and a pain of live several times in my mind. And when I finish a painting, I always sense happiness about that I am allowed to live, mystery of life and being life.



Tami Uyama at work



My painting draws life. I love the town where I was born. I love the town where I live now. And I love Japan, all the countries of the world and the earth.

All the life on earth consists of curved lines. Flowing river, nice breeze, raging and strong wind, branches, wind of the sea and cloud floating in the sky, all of them consists of curved lines. Life resides in curved lines.

A life of a curved line is growing and growing, flies over the world and keeps going until the end of space. It continues to live without knowing the start and the end. As laughing, angering and despairing.

My lines will never be ended, eternally from here, and will keep alive forever by putting life on it. Living is loving. By putting love on lines, I hope that I can make a painting which grows forever round and round more and more.