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Pasticcieri Venexiani, 12”x 12”, Encaustic over paper on wood, by Rafael Ferran

Mr. Rafael Ferran is currently an art instructor in the New York City Public Schools. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hunter College where he majored in Painting and Photography.

In 2006, he received a three year Certificate of Completion in Printmaking from the National Academy School of Fine Arts. He also won The Edward Mooney Travel Prize which allowed him to travel to Venice, Italy. The visit included collaborations with master printer Roberto Mazetto at the Bottega di Tintoretto to produce a limited edition of etchings and woodcuts.  

Creating abstractions with emphasis on color as the structural framework that supports the layers of geometric and organic forms is his goal in producing paintings and prints.

Although Mr. Ferran’s work is hardly to be considered ‘realistic’ in the art world, his originality in the field of art offers honesty … rarely experienced these days.

His other creative pursuit includes authoring a book that combines art history with eroticism entitled Naughty Pictures by the Old Masters written in 2013.



Rafael Ferran, artist and writer.



[Visions of the Romantic aka Art imitates the Venetian Reality]

The art works presented in this exhibit exemplify my haunting experience in a 2006 visit to Venice, Italy. Traveling through the winding canals and the provincial architecture of the city, I saw an eclectic mixture of scenery, preserved throughout a millennium which became a scaffold of layers of rich colors and heavy textures applied to a painted surface. As an artist, I choose to employ abstraction, at an intuitive level, to most effectively express my emotions as I am constructing an idea.

One may concede that my works on exhibit stylistically vary, on a large scale from one another. But, overall, I believe the overabundance of visual stimuli that is prolific as in any creative urban sense is especially rich and diverse and the same is true of Venice. In effect, each painting and print produced pressed me towards different solutions and hence, different aesthetic approaches.

Many times these images resurface and I allow them to take form in a new and different artwork.  For example, a street plaza becomes a stage with the house doorways, windows, rooftops, verandas and stairways exhibiting all the action as the performing characters. Or, an montage imbedded within an intensely shaded and textured surfaces focus on a section of an ancient wall which caught my eye while wandering through a piazza.

Venice, a famous tourist pursuit of spontaneous inclinations as well as a formal homage to bygone cultural history, is nestled throughout my work. Multitudes of diverse shapes rebound within the picture plane and are held in place within color areas I design to create a visual harmony.

Hopefully, my artwork speaks for itself but, at the very least, I hope my artistic statement sheds some light on the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of the creative process which is channeled in each work.