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Painting by Dana Golak

Danuta Golak (born in Olecko, Poland) has been living in New York, USA since 1991. Besides writing poetry, her passion is painting, from which she derived fulfillment now for many years, all the while developing interesting technique. 

Danuta Golak works with various media, although the majority of her work consists of oil on canvas. From peculiar landscapes occasionally reduced to colorful patches, through monochromatic visions of the future edged by sharp contours, to intentionally twisted figures filtered through the imagination, her work expresses the complexity and fears of the contemporary world. Her work is sometimes sparse in depiction, as if using symbol, yet at other times, the intricately dense canvas recalls a colorful fabric. Although the painter often times reaches for an arsenal of means that is typical of abstract art, but she does not abandon "representational" art. She does not completely define her works nor suggest anything, allowing viewers free interpretation and the structure of their own feelings.




Dana Golak, artist.



My paintings deeply reflect my visions. I'm inspired by the ability to convey a thought, nostalgia, dream and irony, which are not necessarily derived from the observation of life. I don't place the dot over the"i". I leave my works open to interpretation for the viewers - without them I would not exist.